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If you have spent any time on a business process mapping project then I am sure you have come across swimlane flowcharts. Swimlanes are brilliant for a number of applications but where they really shine is in business process improvement. This is because the nature of the swimlanes is that they clearly show when a process is mired down in the bowels of an organization and they present this in such an easy to understand flowchart that it can be readily presented to executives who appreciate things being easy to understand.

I really like to see swimlane flowcharts side by side where it is very clear how your business process improvements have made a difference. There is nothing better than seeing a swim lane flow chart with 4, 5 or even more bars (each representing a different person or group) as an original and then seeing the improvement business process with only 1 or 2 bars. Or maybe you still have the same number of bands, but less back and forth within each band. However you have improved the process, the swimlane flowchart will make it very obvious.

I first ran into these flowcharts 7 or 8 years ago on a business process improvement project. Since then I have used them successfully in a number of projects. My goal for this website is to educate people on what swimlane flowcharts are and how they can be used in an arsenal of business process mapping tools for the purpose of helping you improve your business.

My goal with this website is to point out interesting examples of swimlane flowcharts that people have written about, to educate on the available books or software tools available for creating flowcharts, and to cover a number of different areas within the business process mapping space.

My personal goal is that by doing all of this that I will get even more knowledge about swimlane flowcharts, so there is certainly an element of personal growth here as well.

I hope you find the site of value.

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